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Gamer�s Horizon Membership and Rewards Card

With a minimum purchase of $500, you will automatically qualify for a Gamer�s Horizon Membership and Rewards Card. You may also opt to apply for one with a one time fee of $40. This membership card will include the following perks:

  • Day One Release Benefits
    • Pre-Order Priority
      • Customers can all pre-order but members have more payment options available. This includes online payments through all Credit Card, MasterDebit, Visa Debit, PayPal, and even Apple and Google credits.
    • Priority line
      • Members also have the option to avoid long queues by lining up in the member�s line.
    • Freebies and Deals
      • Members will also automatically qualify for extra freebies and add-ons with discounts in bundles.
  • Black Friday Priority
    • Every year, there�s always that day where everyone goes absolutely nuts for tech deals. On Black Friday, members get the benefit of coming in to our store 5 minutes earlier than all the other customers
  • Rewards Program
    • For every $10 you spend in our store, you will automatically earn 1 Reward Point. Reward Points are redeemable with any and all of your purchases. 1 Reward Point is equivalent to $1.