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Gamer�s Horizon is owned by Allan Sy. Allan grew up in Beijing, China where almost all technology is made. But due to their government�s restrictions, he was not able to get access to all the videogames he wanted to play. In 2001, his parents decided to move to New Jersey in search for a better life. Allan was only in high school by this time. Luckily, he was easily able to adjust because he learned a lot of his English from the videogames he had access to. Allan immediately got a part time job and started saving up for the consoles and videogames he wanted. He went to college in Berlin University and got a business degree. He then got an Entrepreneurial MBA in Wharton. In 2012, he opened up a videogame shop in downtown Berlin. Everyone flocked over to his store. Due to all his success, he decided to move up to East 6th. Since then, Allan has kept his doors open for all eager video game enthusiasts.